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  1. Fiammanera78

    Hello dear friend, unfortunately this week was not good because of my father got sick due to a fibroid in my mouth. Instead I have another cyst behind his back. I’m trying to reduce it with an antibiotic cream but it seems that both internal and unnecessary work. They say I should take more sun and eat less cheese I wonder if it’s true. Happy weekend a big kiss.

    أبريل 9, 2011 عند 10:12 ص

  2. Fiammanera78

    Hello, this week I was sick because of nerve pain that caused pain to the head, teeth and my right eye. I had nausea and could not eat. The problem is that when I wash, do not dry the hair, leaving it wet. I must be careful. For the cyst behind my back, seems to be disappearing because of that I put antibiotic cream twice daily. My father for fibroid the teeth, will be operational in a few months but still do not know anything until then. We hope all goes for the best. Peaceful weekend full of sun, even if it rains here and returned to the cold. I love Spring is my favorite season because it is warm and glad to walk with the flowers that bloom and nature wakes up in all its beauty. On TV were giving the evil they do about bears in Vietnam, killing bears for bile or small feet for traditional medicine. I would like to end up these bad things and people respect these innocent creatures as well as humans who can not defend themselves. While in Spain I was following the killings of dogs in kennels in spite of the European community has banned this practice. I hope this ends soon. The best way is to sterilize. See you soon.

    أبريل 16, 2011 عند 9:19 ص

  3. Fiammanera78

    Hello, Happy Easter to you and your family is full of hope and love chocolate. For the holidays I’ll be a week on vacation even if the weather is rainy and uncertain but should improve from Tuesday. I’ve decided on Tuesday to hold output at a Chinese restaurant that I love. There’s only one the best in my town, the others were closed for a number of little problems cleaning. I never felt sick and you’re fine and above all you can eat beautifully.
    Good weekend with love …

    أبريل 23, 2011 عند 9:48 ص

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